Apartments Nada liegen nur 4 km von Trogir. Trogir ist eine Stadt in Kroatien, die verwaltungstechnisch gehört zu der Split-Dalmatien.

Die Stadt Trogir wurde von griechischen Siedlern von der Insel Vis in III. Jahrhundert v. Chr. gegründet. In Mitteleuropa galt als der am besten erhaltenen romanisch-gotischen Stadt. Die Burg mit Mauern und Türmen umgeben bilden den Kern von Trogir.

The most important cultural monument is the cathedral. The entrance of the cathedral holds the most valuable work of the Romanesque sculpture in Dalmatia – the portal of master Radovan from 1240. Trogir is situated on the coast of the Kastela Gulf, on the island between Čiovo and the mainland, connected with the stone bridge.Trogir delights visitors with cultural and historical monuments, narrow streets and art collections, with many masterpieces. Entering the sacred objects reveals some less known details of history.

Archaeological studies show that the man stayed on the island of Trogir more distant prehistory. Trogir (Tragurium) as a settlement during the III. ct. Kr. founded by Greek colonists, traders with Issa (Vis). Roman Oppidum emphasized the quality marble. At that time, life is not taking place only in the city but also in the field, in the rustic villas. Not far from the city, the hills around the village Bijaći Siculo, in the first half andstClaudia car settled its retired veterans. U Trogiru je 1271. otvorena prva ljekarna u Europi. Nalazila se u sklopu kuća u blizini katedrale i gradske lože. Originalni dokument koji to potvrđuje je u privatnoj zbirci, a kopija u trogirskom muzeju. Stari dio grada Trogira uvršten je na UNESCOv popis Spomenika svjetske kulturne baštine.

Trogir is a real town-museum. Lovers of cultural and historical monuments, art, original architecture and nice alleys in Trogir to learn about the manifold and complex heritage - from the Romanesque yard to the modern interiors. The unique historical core, Radovan's portal, the art collections which have been admired by travelers and travel writers offer a tourist beauty represented by a souvenir, personified in the relief of Kairos. The wider surroundings of Trogir (Trogir Ciovo-Seget) is characterized by lush vegetation, numerous islands and islets, rocky and sandy beaches. With high quality accommodation - hotels, guesthouses, apartments, campsites, delicious domestic food, particularly fish dishes, there are many opportunities for sport and recreation - tennis, boccia, bowling, jogging, surfing school, diving. Entertainment includes lively fishermen's nights and folklore show but also classical music concerts in special scenic city. ACI ACI Marina has 200 berths and 80 berths. Trogir, a town and harbor on the coast of the Kastela Gulf, 27 km west of Split and counts 10 266 inhabitants. The old core is situated on the island of Ciovo and the mainland, with the mainland by a stone bridge, on the island of Ciovo by a drawbridge. The town spreads to the northern coast of Ciovo, opposite the island. Chief occupations include shipbuilding, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and tourism. On the main road (M2, E65). In Resnik Airport is the "Split". Trogir Marina is situated on the northern coast of Ciovo Island, between Trogir bridge and Cape Cubrijan.

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